Founded in 2013, rocking campaigns ever since

Dptrax.com is an experienced SEO and Digital Marketing Firm with a record of success. We are a small Digital marketing firm headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria with clients all over the world. We started our firm in 2013 and got off to a fast start delivering awesome results to our clients.

We help businesses generate profit by building awareness, driving website traffic, connecting with customers and converting traffic into leads, prospects and sales. Our approach of meticulously selecting our clients has given us the ability to always deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

We do not work with every client that comes our way. If we are not confident of our ability to deliver the results you want (leads, traffic, conversions, etc) we would not sign you up as a client in the first place. It is completely unethical to over promise and end up under delivering.

My name is Oyekunle Damola, founder of Dptrax. I’ve been working online for 4 years. Before starting Dptrax, I was a very successful Website Designer and Affiliate Marketer. Because I was known in my social circle as “the computer guy”, a couple of my friends who wanted to start their own businesses would come to me for advise after they hired some hack job “Digital Marketing Gurus” that over promised and under delivered. I would usually help them free but after seeing how much value I could offer their business and ventures, a lightbulb went off and Dptrax was born.

I started Dptrax because I saw the need for an Digital Marketing Agency for SMBs. My expertise in Digital Marketing has given me the ability to offer something valuable to business owners who do not have the time or want to spend a lot of money on Online Marketing.

We have worked with many clients in a variety of industries including leading brands like: Chams Plc, Card Centre, Kaymu Nigeria (Now known as Jumia Market), Jobberman Nigeria, Decagon Institute, Babybliss, Rovedana, Pedisbox, Data Studio Resources and more

We take special care of...

Search Engine Optimization

Are you interested in getting your website to the 1st page on Google? Do you want a consistent stream of long-term visitors? SEO is the perfect solution. We’re located in the heart of Nigeria – Lagos. We can provide local SEO and global SEO services.

Website Design and Development

Interested in a beautiful, functional and mobile-ready website to help you increase your company's online marketing presence? We can help you achieve that! Make a lasting First Impression with our Professional Website Design Services!

Social Media Marketing

Everyone's attention is now on Social Media. If you are interested in finding and engaging your customers right now, social media is the best option. Start adding Social Media Campaign plans to your budget and increase your visibility.

Paid advertising

People online are searching for your targeted keywords everyday. It takes time to start ranking organically via SEO. Our PPC service includes more than managing Adwords. We take care of your Paid search and Paid Social Campaigns.

Content Marketing

A very important part of Online Marketing is the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. If you are not using content this way, you will definitely fall behind your competitors

Conversion Rate Optimization

The first step is getting targeted people to your website. The second and most important step is turning them to leads or customers. We would help you turn your website's visitors to leads and sales with our turn key CRO solutions for optimizing your website!

Want to become one of our clients? Let's work together!

Let’s work with you through these tough business decisions of deciding where to spend your budget, how much budget should be allocated to each channel, what results should be expected from each effort expended, and in the end, give you that same classic win all our other clients are ecstatic about.

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