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What We Do

  • ​User-engagement strategy
  • Competitive social media analysis
  • Demographic analysis and strategy
  • Social customer retention strategy
  • Current social media audit
  • Social tool analysis and configuration
  • Topic ideation using current trends
  • On-site social sharing analysis
  • Brand strategy and execution
  • Demographic analysis and strategy
  • Social Media Marketing For Your Company

    With Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media networks on the internet, it really is no wonder that this is a crucial part of effective and very aggressive marketing online. A team of internet advertising experts in DPTRAX, one of the best social media marketing companies in Nigeria, handles all forms of social media marketing on every network, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and more. We provide social media management and marketing services that incorporate extensive social media strategies into our clients’ overall marketing initiatives to produce even better results.

    Social Media marketing allows any company or professional to target specific viewers that have traversed into smaller sized niches, drawing in more online website traffic. It incorporates blogging, customer reviews and testimonials, organization branding and more – Our team of professionals understands how to use this to your advantage.

    ​What Social Media Platforms Should Your Company Use?


    With a Facebook Page, your online visibility would increase and you would get a hub for connecting for your audience. Facebook Ads and the consistent posting of timely content would aid in increasing your company's exposure.


    There are lots of things you can do with a tweet, a hashtag and even a simple picture. With a Twitter account, you can reach out to people who want to find out about your new products, special deals and make purchases 


    With Instagram, you get to express your business visually. Instagram offers several tools to help you engage your customers. With Instagram's growth speed, you would be able to reach your target audience with your story.


    Linkedin is a professional network used for creating business connections. With Linkedin, you can also build your brand and establish business relationships with your target audience. You can also stay current with trends, share content, connect and interact with industry leaders.


    People use Pinterest to find new things. One of its most popular features is the Rich Pin which makes it easy to share everything, ranging from your products to infographics. You can also share your contents to other boards to encourage people to try out your product.


    While a lot of people thing Google+ is dead, you need to rethink that thought pattern. Google has not given up on it yet and neither should you. You target audience may be hanging out in the Google+ communities. You can get a lot of SEO benefits and community presence there.

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    Social Media Brand and Conversation Monitoring

    One major part of our top tier social media management service is that we will monitor the web for mentions, reviews, questions, etc, of your company. This process is important because it is directly tied to your company's online reputation.

    With this information, we would be able to improve interactions with your community and provide insights and excellent suggestions that would match your audience's needs.

    Creating Your Social Media and Publishing Strategy

    Dptrax is a Top Social Media Management company that would work hand-in-hand with you to improve your company's ROI and cost per lead. We would use performance based strategies to create a strategy tailored to your business.

    Our first step would be to look at what your competitors are doing and how they are using their social media channels. After this, we would be able to provide a customized social media package that would include generation of ideas, production and publishing of relevant and timely content. We also have graphics designers that can create awesome designs that would catch the eye of your target audience.

    How to Make your Social Media Pages a Profitable Marketing Channel.

    In today's age, you cant simply post images and links and hope for the best. you need to learn how to create profitable and effective social media campaigns with this 5 most important checklists for social media marketing.

    1. Be Creative
    2. Be entertaining​
    3. Be relevant
    4. Be responsive
    5. Be engaging

    With a social media strategy, you would be able to send your customer through your sales funnel. You can easily find out what they want by asking important questions. You can guide them through the initial stage (cold traffic) by showing the benefits of your products and services before pitching to them.

    Don't Forget Youtube.

    A lot of people do not think Youtube is a powerful social media network. In truth, it shares the same characteristics with the others. You can post your content (video), people can engage with them and you can reply the people that comment on your videos. It really doesn't get more social than that.

    On the other hand, Youtube has a significant advantage over the others. It is powerful because Video SEO is possible. This means that your content has the capability of lasting longer and generating more interaction for a very long time if optimized correctly.

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