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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the steps taken on a website to increase its number of visitors. It is really an ongoing, time consuming process, which is why majority of companies hire Search engine optimization technical consultants to perform this task. Search engines Marketing firms frees anyone up to focus on their core competencies.

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Search Engine Optimization includes:

  • Producing professional, easy to read and valuable content
  • Proper coding from the title tags of each page on the website
  • Proper coding of the Meta tags of each page
  • The right use of alt tags for images
  • Proper use of link-building
  • Proper use of page titles and content specific pages
  • Submission to the internet search engines like google
  • Inclusions into business directories for strong in-bound links

The above is just a little snippet of the procedures followed to increase Search Engine Ranking. Properly providing all these services is rarely produced by most amateur optimization professionals, yet it is extremely important to perform each one correctly.

Your content has a large role in Search Engine Optimization!

Search Engine Optimization absolutely starts and ends using the content of the website. Making unique content which is accurately written is one of the best ways to raise your ranking. Search engines crawl immeasurable website pages every month, and coming from those billions of web pages they want to determine, through their intricate and proprietary algorithms, that sites are going to rank near to the top. While there are a couple of factors that play straight into this, content is the most significant part.

After writing the content, a couple of other optimization steps take place including properly coded Page Name & META tags, direct inclusion into quality directories, inclusion to the top search engines, plus a sensible keyword optimization may help your website increase its rankings. Search engine ranking is an extremely important part of your personal professionally designed website, keep in mind that it is not the only thing for you to care about.

Your website must still communicate a strong message, and ought to not confuse viewers along with additional “optimized” content just for the sake of gaining increased ranking. Visitors these days are wise; they see that type of a web site more as spam than as a legitimate source of information. Discover that there are some websites around the web that have high ranking, however the second you visit the web site, you would have a strong desire to close it. Some of these sites are often known as “over-optimized site”.

Beware of taking this path. You may receive nice search engine rankings, but not a soul will bother reading your web site or contacting you when you have successfully made a highly confusing, yet high-ranking web-site. If you receive a lot of site visitors, but few leads, this is probably what the problem is.

We are experts in doing the right things with regards to Search Engine Optimization and, with hundreds of thousands of internet searches to our clients, what we do works. We utilize ethical tactics – not spam tactics, and if your company stays involved with us, your own personal rankings will follow!

Our SEO Services:

Initial Website SEO analysis report

The initial step in beginning any effective SEO Campaign is a total and comprehensive review of wherever your website currently stands in terms of search engine ranking. Our SEO Specialists completely review and determine all potential roadblocks that could prevent your website from attaining exceptional rankings. The size, complexness, and scope of the task will affect the overall prices of your website’s comprehensive SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Services review.

Keyword Evaluation

Do not waste money by optimizing the wrong key words and phrases. DPTRAX’s in-house copywriters utilize advanced tools to research high-traffic keywords and phrases for your website. We are able to tell you how many times the keyword/phrase is used and assess how difficult it will be to attain high rankings. We will additionally make recommendations for pay-per-click (sponsored) link purchases when suitable.

Content Action Plans

Are you currently at a loss when it comes to adding brand new pages? Do you have access to writers but do not quite know what to tell them to write about? Not sure how to broaden the range of the current information on your website? With an content action plan tailored to your site, we are going to help you increase the range of your online information through brainstorming and the discovering of further avenues of content marketing both through implementation and creation.

In Depth SEO Competitors Analysis and Off Website and On Site Linking Evaluation

With this SEO services Analysis we will give you a complete image of the competitive landscape which you face online and all the links that point to your site (backlinks) from all other domains will be reviewed having an a specific focus on quality, page rank strength and trust value. Further, with this SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Services analysis, we will designate a proprietary scoring model for the links gotten in order to asses where your website strengths and weaknesses exist. We will calculate Page Rank Flow and supply recommendations on how to focus this particular flow within your site towards the pages that have the most worth as related to content as well as search engine placement opportunities. Furthermore we will identify what part of your current website attracts organic links and their demographics.

Page Optimization

Our experts will structure your page to be search engine friendly. We will leverage our own web design and development abilities to strike a balance between internet search engine page optimization and human friendly marketing copy.

Social networking Analysis and Implementation

An in-depth look at your own organizations current social networks (if any) along with tactical planning implementation. Social networks can develop strong followings thereby building fans of your items or brands. Find exactly how your organization can reach out as well as communicate better through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Pinterest and many more social networks. In depth analysis of the current positioning, and popularity as well as tactical and useful implementation plans for beginning, or growing your achievement in the Web 2. 0 industry are part of our SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Services.

Link Building

Most search engines like google look at how many other websites link to your site in order to determine how essential you site is. Collecting those links, called backlink, is a difficult task. We are experienced at using a variety of processes to help you boost your incoming link popularity.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking lets users discuss, store and organize blogs, websites and other useful informations online. DPTRAX may submit articles, blogs as well as website content to a lot more than 200 social media sites, such as DIgg, Delicious, Stumble Upon, etc . Correct social bookmarking techniques will provide you with not just traffic and back links, but over time, readers of these networking communities may feature links to your website, especially if you have good and helpful articles.

Social Media Profile Designs and Mentions

Our Social networking Profile Creation Service consist of making and marketing social media profiles on more than 300 networking communities, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, and YouTube. Most of this information will have links to your sites. It is important to note that, “social mentions” are now a ranking element in Google’s algorithm. DPTRAX will actively post content articles and links on Twitter and other social media sites about your organization to improve your back links through social media sites.


We give you a baseline ranking report before we begin work to show you the way you ranked prior to optimization; extra reports are then supplied on a monthly basis. Our staff will monitor your results to be sure you are on the right track. To ensure your fulfillment, our staff will regularly be in touch with you via cell phone or email to provide you with task updates. As an optional support, we also offer installation of Google Analytics on your website with regard to detailed traffic reporting.

Monthly Performance/Ranking Report

Measurable, long-term results will be accomplished when you entrust your site to DPTRAX. We offer various resources that can monitor traffic outcomes and provide trend analysis with regard to judging the overall performance of the SEO campaign. DPTRAX’s ultimate focus is the maximization or your return on investment.

Devoted Account Manager

DPTRAX provides experienced and dedicated Accounts Managers working to exceed our customers’ expectations. Account Managers know the details of your campaign and also have the experience and expertise to deal with all of your questions and issues throughout the duration of your accounts.

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