One of the most fascinating developments in website marketing as well as branding is the growth of internet logs, or Corporate Blogs. The web and media have been buzzing with the unique benefits provided to companies employing blogs with regard to both marketing and interaction with clients and prospective clients alike. With a corporate blog, you could take over control of the content of your web site and make it your own. If you believe new content is necessary, simply spend a few minutes and post it on your blog. The actual change will be reflected instantly. Or, schedule it and the system will certainly automatically post the modification when you specify.

Corporate Blog Goals

  • A corporate blog is designed to highlight your company’s industry knowledge. It offers an informal way of presenting content.
  • It allows you to position yourself as a subject matter expert. This helps your company improve its online reputation and creates positive sentiments
  • It provides an avenue for reaching new prospects while also staying in touch with existing customers. Users can easily drop comments on your blog.
  • It fosters the efforts of your search engine optimization campaign. It provides content for nurturing your social media accounts.

How Corporate Blogs Could Help a Person’s or Company’s growth

Corporate Blogs can also be one of the best weapons you can use whenever you are competing for natural search engine ranking positions. Because a Corporate blog is full of content related to your business, search engines such as Google and Yahoo! will frequently rank your website higher based on relevance to search terms. This is often leveraged to increase the visitors your website and invite more customers.Blogs additionally allow you to showcase you or your firm’s expertise and share your thinking on current events.
The best part of having a content management system is that once it is ready, you can literally take control of it. When you take advantage of our service, you would be getting rid of the stress of running to a website designer every time you need to make changes to your website. We basically give you more control over your website and save cost.

How Our Website design Team Could Help in the design of your Corporate Blog

At DPTRAX, we are proud to provide companies with the latest technology and the most professional website designs. In case you are interested in aggressive online marketing and search engine optimization, do not hesitate to speak with a member of our own award-winning team. With specialists in pay-per-click solutions and internet marketing techniques, you can be confident that everything is being done to help you as well as your company or firm.Get in touch with us for more information about our services. We offer a totally free consultation so that you can get the solutions you need.

A Reality Check for Companies

On average, small businesses can’t blog twenty times a month, but it is very possible for them to blog 4 times in a month. Do you think that is enough? Of course it is. Usually, that is 4 times more than their competition. This implies that the organization would get endless opportunities for driving leads, getting sales, and revenue via blogging.

The main problem I see frequently is that most companies with corporate blogs are doing many things wrong. More often than not, it is usually caused by lack of knowledge. Other times, it is caused by lack of resources or lack of interest from the management team. The end point is that all blogging errors with damage your company’s online reputation and overall image as time goes on.

The good news is that all of it can be fixed.

9 Quick Fixes For Mastering Your Corporate Blog

Integration – If you host your blog on a third party website (especially the free ones), you would end up hurting your SEO efforts and degrade the overall branding of the company. It ends up confusing your website’s visitors. Picture it; a visitor lands on your website, clicks on the blog link and is redirected to the blog 3rd party website that is completely different from your website that they just left. The larger issue is that this 3rd party blog takes traffic away from your website which is the direct opp of what you would obviously like.

Your Blog’s Design – While your company might not need a custom designed blog, it is very necessary for your blog to look modern and be responsive so it adapts to all devices (mobile phones, tablets and computers). A good designer can give you a nicely designed Wordpress Blog that would match your current website. Creating a blog that is pleasing to look at and matches your brand is important for increasing your authority online.

Structuring of the Blog’s Pages – Some people believe that showing full blog content on the blog’s homepage is a good idea. This is really contradictory to what users want. The right way to structure your website is to show a list of blog posts summaries on your blog’s homepage. This means that instead of a full post, you would only have an excerpt and a featured image. This is great for SEO and usability.

Write on Different Topics – Your blog is supposed to be informational. It is for educating your prospects and existing customers. Don’t talk non-stop about your company or the products and services you are offering. It ends up making your blog long ego centric and boring. You need to blog about your industry, trends and best practices. This would increase the chances of people sharing your content and revisiting your website.

Write Content for Your Target Demographic – Over the years, we have increased the growth of different clients and have used blogging as a method of capturing this growth. One of the biggest factors in this growth is our ability to focus on our target demographic and not on our competitors. A lot of times, companies write content for people similar to them and not necessarily to people they want to capture as a lead. For example, in this article, I am writing it for small business owners or marketers. This is because that is our target market. A lot of Digital marketing firms or website Design firms write about coding or the intricate details of marketing. Would the average small business owner understand it? Of course not. Would those posts help them convert new customers? Naaa. Would a long-winded post on corporate blogging encourage it? I would think so. This is why I write on things like this. Our sales funnel and revenue can attest to this

Post New Content Often - Sometimes I ask companies if they have blogs and they always say yes even though the blog has not been updated in a year. I won’t define that as a blog. It’s more of an unloved piece of website content. If you have a blog you don’t update, you end up looking like a company that’s out of touch and lacks knowledge. The trick is the setting of an acceptable level of frequency. You can start with one new blog post per week or two and make it happen.

Use More Than Just Text – Many corporate bloggers are afraid of using images. Citing that it would either make them look unprofessional or too formal. In truth, if you spend ten minutes looking for the right images, you would find that it would complement your blog post.

Link to Important Content – This is one of the tasks that many people ignore. Important content includes your product or services pages. For us, that would be SEO, Website Design, Social Media Marketing, etc. I use our blog to nurture our cornerstone content. It helps drive traffic to our important pages and helps our SEO efforts. Every blog post should link to somewhere else on your website that is relevant to the post and would provide value to your readers.

Don’t Expect Overnight Success – I have had a lot of success blogging for myself and different clients. That success does not come overnight. It takes a lot of time, patience and hard work. It does not suddenly happen or work without planning, thought and following through.

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