If you're looking for a reputable SEO company in Nigeria, then avoiding these 7 common scams will take you on your first steps to making educated decisions for your business.


This is, without a doubt, one of the BIGGEST SEO scams you will surely notice out there in the world wide web. The funny thing is, you don't actually need to submit your website to Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines to be listed on their results. Each respective search engine has their own 'spiders', which are programs that crawl through the internet looking for new websites. Once a new website has been 'crawled', it will be automatically indexed in Google and all other engines that crawl it. So where exactly does the website submission come in? Yeah, you should definitely NEVER pay someone to do this.


The first thing that you simply must know is that it is an absolute IMPOSSIBILITY for anyone to guarantee this. No one can guarantee you a number 1 ranking in Google, or any other search engine for that matter. Not one so called SEO 'expert' (I don't care how good they are) can control where a website ranks in the search engine results page (SERPS). While it is true that great SEO agencies use certain strategies to boost website rankings, with the goal of reaching #1 every single time, to guarantee it is not just unethical, it's unfair! An example of a completely ethical offer is for a Nigerian SEO company to state:

"We estimate that your website will reach Top 5 on Google within X amount of months, based on our data and experience working in your industry, the lack of competition we currently see, and the fact that your website is clean, not having any SEO performed in the past."

You see, this is not a GUARANTEE! It is an estimate based on previous data and research. SEO isn't something you can just point your finger at and hope it will happen. It it is a calculated effort drawing from years of experience, experimenting, and keeping up with the latest information. It requires high levels of knowledge regarding what works best in Google, and what doesn't.


Whatever you do please do not fall for this. This has been an irrelevant metric for over two years because Google does not update PageRank (PR) anymore. You should probably smell something fishy when any SEO Company starts talking about increasing your page rank or building links from a site with a high page rank. Besides, even if it was still updated, PageRank has ZERO effect on your website ranking.


Before we get into this one, let me ask you a question. If you didn't like the way your nose looked and opted to undergo plastic surgery to change it, who would you pick? The private practice of the best plastic surgeon in town? Or the guy down the street offering discounts in a shady backroom? The answer is simple. You would obviously go with the trusted and reputable surgeon since it's something important to you and would have a huge impact on the way people look at you. Not only that, but paying top dollar gives you the added security of knowing that a true professional is working on you. I'm going to let you take that all in for a few seconds, and hopefully you can see where this is going. I'll wait...

Now let me ask you another question. Why would you EVER use the cheapest SEO option to work on your prized baby in the first place? If you are anything like me, then you have definitely poured a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into creating a successful business, wanting it to be the very best. Why would you let an amateur (let's face it, that's the only reason they are offering low prices) handle such complex online marketing tasks? In conclusion, you wouldn't. You not only risk losing YOUR money because they are inexperienced, but because of the low-quality work your website will be penalised yet again by Google.

We are nearly done on this topic so bear with me. One of the most important equations you'll need to know before deciding on a Search Engine Optimisation agency is:

Price= Value (Mostly of the time)

Low Price= Low Value

High (Realistic) Price = Higher Value

A great SEO company will never work for pennies as they are all aware of their credentials and what cost their services are worth. To have a better understanding of what GREAT SEO agency's services cost, check out this infographic.


Yeah sure they do! The old

"I know a guy, who knows a guy, who dated his friend's sister, who knows a guy, that knows of a guy. I can hook you up."

Ever fallen for this one before? I have many times, until you realise that name dropping and 'knowing a guy' does not mean anything. This is a classic snake oil salesman approach. Firstly, they are (most probably) lying straight off the bat. Secondly, as stated before, it doesn't mean anything. Even if a company claimed to know someone at Google, there's no magical power that will give them some way to rank your site.


Alright so it isn't exactly advertised this way, but that's basically what they are saying. There are too many self proclaimed 'gurus' lying in wait to take your hard earned cash by confusing you with a whole heap of technical jargon. The reason they do this is to make it seem like they know it all and their services are essential to your traffic growth. What they don't show you is any examples or proof because they just don't have any. If this self professed 'guru' isn't mentioning conversions and return on investments (ROI), then leave immediately. Tell them you are not interested and start running for the hills!

Using Search Engine Optimisation as a marketing strategy is a daunting option that should not be decided upon lightly. I'm sure that after reading these solid tips and advice, you can avoid some of the traps and scams people try to get away with and be one step closer to making and educated decision for your business.


Enter the URL of any landing page or blog article and see how optimized it is.

A strong SEO consulting firm can use organic SEO tactics and take your website from obscurity to page one ranking. In truth, no SEO expert can guarantee 1st page ranking or overnight success, but the right process and right SEO consultant would provide tangible results and ROI.

We will teach you how important social media and content marketing is, while also explaining how they both play an important role in SEO. While link building is still important, today’s SEO focuses on the creation of quality content that focuses on the needs of your target market.

At Dptrax, SEO is what we know and love. Our Client’s success is our success. Saying we get extremely excited when our clients reach first page on Google is a gross understatement. We employ Digital Marketing Tactics that are in line with all future search engine updates.

We combine on-site optimization and off-site tactics to create effective strategies that would not loose value over time. With our comprehensive website audit, keyword research and content strategy that speaks to your customers, our suite of services are second to none. Millions of users use the search engine to find relevant products and services. 90% of those people will visit the sites on the 1st page of the search results.

Is your website on that first page? Are your competitors’ website there? That’s our job: to make sure you are on the first page so you can experience a new flood of targeted traffic to your website. Our SEO services are based on years of experience and research and we would continuously improve our techniques to stay ahead of every change in search engine algorithms.

You Need Results Like This

SEO that Works! over 70% increase in traffic in less than 4 months!

Website In Education niche with over 800% increase in traffic!

Our SEO Consulting Process and Breakdown of Services.

  • Discovery – At the beginning of any SEO project we take on, we start by learning about you, your business, your website, your competitors and your goals. Armed with this knowledge, we are able to help drive a change for your business.
  • Keyword Research – We data mine your current website, your competitors’ websites, historical keyword reports, the keywords you want to target, Google keyword planner, Google webmaster tools and Google Analytics. What we get is a list of targeted keywords that will be used to plan out the future content strategy and website architecture.
  • Web app Recommendation and Configurations – We will help you set up your website to support your current and future SEO efforts. We would cover everything from guidance to the configuration of tools.
  • On-page Optimization – After the creation of content, we will optimize each page we are targeting to best represent the keyword assigned to it during keyword research. This task includes content updates, creation of meta title and meta descriptions, LSI keywords integration and more.
  • Training – This is our favorite part. We would not just “do” SEO for your. We would also train you to make your own process better. We would show you everything from post creation to the optimization of the post.
  • Additional Coaching and Training – Whether you want to retain us for the creation of blog posts or manage your social media or you just want use available to answer your questions, we can create an ongoing support package that would meet your needs. We could also offer you our SEO Boot Camp course (Coming Soon) to empower you to do SEO yourself.

We Have a Holistic Approach to SEO Consultancy

What makes Dptrax unique is that we have moved past the traditional SEO consultancy and now focus on a holistic marketing program. We create an SEO plan that increases web traffic and website conversions. And because we are also designers at heart, we weave all this into an amazing website or blog that’s coded to best practices.

In truth, SEO is not just about attracting website traffic. We drive TARGETED traffic that fits your target audience and niche. It is also about finding prospective clients and building credibility with them. This helps in nurturing them into sales.

We want to be your SEO consultant and your teacher. At the end of any campaign we run, we want you to have gotten more than just increase in traffic. We want you to leave and breath SEO. Our main goal is to make sure you have a solid SEO foundation that you can build on for years to come.

It is not possible to have substantial or sustainable changes to your Search engine rank overnight. To reach the coveted page one position requires a mixture of optimum website coding skills and organic SEO in conjunction with a well planned internet marketing campaign that is planned and executed over time.

Want to become one of our clients? Let's work together!

Let’s work with you through these tough business decisions of deciding where to spend your budget, how much budget should be allocated to each channel, what results should be expected from each effort expended, and in the end, give you that same classic win all our other clients are ecstatic about.

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