Why WordPress is great for Content Marketing

Content Marketing is trending, from past few years. Smart marketers have shut off the traditional world of marketing. They have skipped television advertisement, ignored magazine advertising and moved more towards the online passing of information. It is good to realise that traditional marketing is becoming less effective yesteryear and Content Marketing is overruling it.

WordPress is one of the most excellent open source software for managing websites and blogs. Further, it has numerous features that help content marketers to promote their work in better and effective way. It was initially developed with the aim to build simple content websites for beginners but over the period, it has fetched some beautiful features which can manage a variety of websites, including blogs and space for business portals. WordPress theme customization has given new heights to the WordPress users.
Here we shall discuss in detail about why and how WordPress is perfect for Content Marketing.


Why WordPress websites are used for Content Marketing

WordPress Makes Responsive Design Simple

In 2015, Google focused to reward responsive websites by its search algorithm. The change means responsive websites will get an SEO boost, and Google search results will tell users whether a site is mobile-friendly or not. Since a lot of people are searching content on the internet and consuming it, the content will is losing its responsiveness and are likely to get passed by. Auspiciously, WordPress sites are responsive ensuring the content will get in front of as many eyes as possible.

WordPress Simplifies SEO

WordPress lays a sound foundation for SEO. Find out more here http://seocontrol.net/. It makes sure that content on it is read by Google. WordPress plugins such as Yoast SEO, etc. guides the user on where to optimize each page of your website. Search engines perform better when we write content on basis of keywords. This gives confidence to create better and relevant content for your readers.

More than Just Content Management Software

WordPress provides an easy interface to create a blog post, but little more efforts you can add more features like product catalogs, email integration, social media plugins, forms, etc. There are more than 35000 plugins available for WordPress users. They are straightforward and add functionality to the WordPress site users.

It’s Price makes it perfect

WordPress is an open source model and is essentially free. There are many WordPress paid plugins which go above and beyond what you likely want. It is very simple to find a new free version that will do what you expect. WordPress offers best content marketing platform for startups or smaller companies as it there’re enough functionality and free plugins in WordPress.


Perfect WordPress Tools used for a Content Marketing

1. OptinMonster

Often content marketing is aimed to find out leads only. But with the help of this WordPress plugin OptinMonster, it seeks to grow email subscribers in the most efficient way. It is a complete on list building platform which you can use to create, deploy and test opt-in forms. This amazing plugin helps you to grow your email list and get more subscribers with a popup. It fetches easy form builder which creates beautiful optin forms that are proven to convert.

It best features are:

– Powerful A/B testing that helps data driven decision

– Provides Custom analytics with Google Analytics

– Offers 8 different types of opt-in forms.

– It carries Mobile specific popup forms

– Boost conversions with MonsterLinks™ which allows turning any link or image into a 2-step opt-in process

2. Social Metric Analytics

Social Metric Analytics is a very useful WordPress plugin. It helps to understand about your content efficency and let users know which type of articles is getting more exposure. Its colors coding options help to understand everything in a well-sorted manner. It contributes to export the data into a CSV file for more drilling using Excel sorting and filtering issues. Social Metrics Pro plugin also supports 1-click auto-update functionality.

3. Post views Stats

Post views Stats is an excellent plugin to keep tracking of your post views/ hit by visitor regularly. It fetches the stat for each post views by the visitor. This plugin enables to see the post view counts, in the post listing page in WordPress admin panel. One can also display the most popular post in the sidebar areas.

4. Editorial Calendar

The Editorial Calendar makes easy to manage your blog. It helps to plan activities for future and is required to be implemented properly regarding engaging your audience and growing your subscriber base. This the one of the best plugin which suits most of your business needs.

The Plugin allows the user:

– To see all the scheduled posts in the one panel

– It alters post publishing dates by using drag and drop functionality.

– Its editorial metadata keeps track of the important details.

– It publishes the posts manually and further manages the draft posts.

– It helps to see the status of your post easily.

– It also contributes to managing the post scheduled by multiple authors

5. ExpressCurate

ExpressCurate is an excellent tool for marketing agencies or specialists or professional bloggers. This plugin helps them to watch the efforts done on content marketing. It does not require huge resources or budget. This excellent plugin includes:

– RSS feeds, and Google alerts importer which bring content from your RSS feeds and Google Alerts

– Curation Post Composer and Editor

– SEO Optimization, which includes adding a meta title and description, categories, keywords, Post Analysis and sitemap rules.

– Keyword Analysis and Management, helps to manage target keywords and monitor its usage in your blog

– Flexible Publishing Options like promotions and sharing via social media platforms or content optimization.


Tips for WordPress Content Marketer

Once you are armed with anyone the above-written plugins, you can take advantage of the following tips. These tips may help you optimize your content:

1. Create Great Content

Just focus on what consumer wants to read. It is best to keep it simple. What questions are users enquiring continuously? Think about the queries of your target audience and make the content accordingly. The best way to add engaging content to your site is through a blog. Try making the post informative and most importantly relevant to your target audience.

2. Use a Quality WordPress Theme

There are many WordPress themes to choose. For content marketing, try using a theme which loads fast, looks professional and easy to use.

3. Organize your Content Creation

Try posting, at least, one, ideally two, blog posts a week. It is critical to add regular contents. One may use a tracker or calendar plugins, just as one uses for meetings or other important aspects of your business activities.

4. Don’t Forget About Email

It is always suggested to maintain a list of customer and client emails. With the help of email newsletter or subscriber list, you can now reach out to your prospective users. The email notifications support your users to get awareness of newly published articles, and this further encourages them to visit your site to find out more.

5. Manage your Social Media

Social Media is a powerful way of sharing your content. As and when you produce a new content share it on the different social media channels. This will expose it to a large audience at the same time, which encourage people to follow you and share your content. Social Warfare is an excellent WordPress plugin that specializes in social sharing and driving traffic to your site.


Final thoughts

Content marketing is nothing but aiming to provide value to the right people. It is not the matter of generating traffic, but it’s all about generating right traffic. Rightly done content marketing can bring right customers at your site. Apart from content marketing, huge email marketing, excellent SEO strategies and pay to click strategies contributes in abundance for generating accurate traffic.

So these were few important plugins and tips for content marketing. If you are just a beginner or haven’t got great exposure with a content marketing, follow the above written tips and plugins. Good Luck!

Author Bio :

Sophia Phillips is a WordPress developer working at WordPress web development company. And she also loves writing blog providing useful information about WordPress best practices and the benefits it provides.

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