How to Use Your Social Media Skills For Other Career Paths

Digital marketing, while rife with adventure and novelty, is one of the most interesting career paths you can explore in your life.

Social media unfortunately, is not something that gets closed like a brick and mortar shop. You will work and slave to keep the presence of your company and enterprise in the eyes of viewers. You’ll be breaking sweat making sure that you always have a voice regarding the latest changes and trends.

And then after a long-term career of chasing trends, you may find yourself not knowing where to take your skills. No worries though, below, we are going to provide you 5 major skills that are acquired through social marketing, which may serve to expand your career elsewhere.


1. Digital Marketing.

If you have done advertising long enough, then you must have a keen-eye for social media trends, wants, and needs.

Your digital marketing skills may allow you to supervise and manage digital marketing projects, instead of simply being a worker who has to keep up with social media as much as possible.

Speaking of project management…


2. Campaign Management.

Your skillset may allow you to create strategies and mastermind plans for campaign managements, instead of simply executing the processes.

Having the fundamental understanding of the “Do” and “Don’t” of social media, acquired over the long-term, allows you to properly coordinate campaigns, without having to suffer through the manual labor of creating and posting comments on different platforms.

3. Content Creation.

What works for Twitter, does not work for a blog. The type of content on Twitter is brief, maxing out at 140 characters (update – you can now write more than 140 words). Blogs on the other hand, may require you to make content of over 2000 words, just to show up in search engine results.

Knowing the type of content that should go on each platform, allows you to shift from a position of having to publish posts around the clock, to simply writing the content out yourself.

4. Internal communication.

This refers to your ability to market updates to fan-bases and pre-existing clients. Publish posts around the clock long enough and you will have a keen eye for what triggers fan-base satisfaction.

This allows you to better create content, while also proofreading and checking the effectiveness of the content you are creating for the audience.

5. Crisis Management.

Issues arise with all social media campaigns, including defamation attempts by others, scandals, and the like. On social media, you need to learn how to create an excellent reputation, and maintain it.

Learning to say the right things at the right times, to protect yourself from such scandals, is going to lead you far up the hierarchy of trusted marketers.

This requires finesse and professionalism in word selection when creating content, which comes after many years of posting advertising material and responding to fans.

And that’s it for the skillsets.

Don’t worry, social media posting jobs isn’t all there is to marketing. There are always better career paths along the chain of online marketing, which you can explore to get the best out of your professional experiences!

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